Technology Integration Resources for Educators!

This blog will contain information about free technology resources that are available on the internet.

Screenr: Web-based Screen Recorder


A screencast is a video of what is occurring on a computer.   Screencasts often contain audio narrations.  Oftentimes, screencasts are used to create tutorials.  Educators can use Screenr to demonstrate how to complete homework assignments and provide feedback on student assignments.  Students can use a screen recorder tool to create tutorials as well. However, students have to be at least 13 years of age to use ScreenrScreenr is simple to use.  Users:

  • select the recording tool;
  • decide which areas they prefer to record on their computer;
  • select their microphone;
  • start recording;
  • pause the recording if necessary.

Screenr has a free version that enables users to record for five minutes.  However, paid versions are available that empower users to record longer.  The screencasts can be posted on your Screenr account page, Youtube, Facebook or Twitter.  In addition, users can embed the screencasts on their websites and blogs.  There are additional screencasting tools available.  Therefore, if you are not content with Screenr, then research other tools.  Get started today, and enhance your teaching style in a positive way.

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50 Resources for iPad use in Education


IPads, apps and eager students, oh my! Schools all over the world are providing students with opportunities to utilize iPads to enhance their learning experiences. If students at your school are using this device, then you must read Chris Osborne’s article called 50 resources for iPad use in the classroom. The article provides links to apps, tutorials and other articles pertaining to the utilization of iPads in education.


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Free Gifts for Teachers Courtesy of Teaching Channel


Everyone knows that teachers work extremely hard and deserve the best. The staff at the Teaching Channel wants to show appreciation to teachers around the world by giving you an opportunity to receive free, yet great gifts. As previously mentioned, Teaching Channel is a phenomenal resource that contains short recordings of educators modeling best teaching practices (differentiation, smooth transitions, and utilization of common core standards…), suggestions on ways to use Teaching Channel, a lesson planner tool and a blog.

During Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7 -11, teachers around the world have an opportunity to win the following prizes:

Monday – Amazon Gift Cards ($25 each) 100 will be given away

Tuesday – Flip Videos (75 will be given away)

Wednesday – Zappos Gift Cards($50 each) 25 will be given away

Thursday – SpaFinder Gift Cards ($100 each) 15 will be given away

Friday – a two-night hotel stay for 2 and a $150 restaurant voucher at any Kimpton’s-Brand hotel. (total value $550)

To take advantage of this remarkable opportunity, learn more at and register for an account at Registration will take only 10 seconds. Do not delay. Take advantage of the opportunity to receive free prizes.

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4 Secrets to a Successful PD Program – eBook Attached


Administrators provide teachers with opportunities to participate in professional development (PD) sessions frequently. Oftentimes, teachers are reluctant to attend for various reasons. Therefore, it is imperative PD is effective. To ensure your PD program is meeting your audience’s needs, read the eBook from Grace Dunlap at Simplek12. The following suggestions are discussed in full detailed in the eBook (4PDSecrets).

  1. Use Social Media
  2. Be Teacher-to-Teacher
  3. Be Self-directed by the teacher
  4. Be ongoing and supportive

The eBook also contains certificates you can print out for your teachers. This is an opportunity you cannot afford to refuse.

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101 Web 2.0 Resources for Educators


Educators throughout the world aspire to enhance their teaching innovations persistently. Many people accomplish this by attending workshops, participating in webinars or subscribing to RSS feeds. If you are interested in learning about popular, yet beneficial Web 2.0 Tools that will enhance your curriculum, then visit GoEd Online immediately. This website contains 101 Web 2.0 resources. Each listed resource contains a description and suggestion on how the tool may be  implemented in an educational context.

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Vifinition – A video definition Resource



Vocabulary development is an important component of every schools’ curriculum.  Recently, Richard Byrne, a prolific blogger, introduced his audience to a resource that contains video definitions called Vi-fi-ni-tion. Users may search for videos by inserting a word into the search box or clicking on the first letter in their interested word(s) via the alphabet chart on the website. In addition, users may create and upload a video that emphasizes the meaning of a term if a vifintion is not available on the webstie. Explore Vi-fi-ni-tion today.

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Interactive Whiteboard Resources


Educators around the world use interactive whiteboards to supplement their classroom instruction daily. One of many teachers’ favorite interactive board resources is Scholastic. ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies resources are available for students in grades Pre-k – 12 grades. Each curriculum area provides beneficial whiteboard tips as well. Enhance your curriculum and have your students in awe by visiting Scholastic today.

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Pronunciation Resource for ESOL Learners


If you are teaching ESOL students that need assistance pronouncing the alphabet, numbers, greetings, important signs, and other pertinent information, then visit ESOL Courses – Free English Lessons Online immediately. This resource contains 4 Units and 16 lessons. When users click on words, numbers, or pictures they will hear an audio that pronounces the items. Learn a new resource today, to help someone tomorrow and hereafter.

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Free Online Professional Development Opportunities



Simple K12, an online resource that offers webinars, electronic books and additional resources pertaining to instructional technology, is offering 6 free 30 minutes webinars February 29, 2012. Listed below are the titles and times (Eastern Times) of the webinars:

• 10 Ideas for Using Mobile Devices Offline to Motivate Learners (12:00 p.m. – 12:30 pm.)

• 3 Student-driven Projects: Using a Blended Learning Model (1:00 p.m. – 1:30 pm.)

• 10 Techie Tools for Teachers (2:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.)

• Making a Difference for Our Most Struggling Readers (3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.)

• Web Tool Smackdown (4:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.)

• Reaching Out to Make Global Connections (5:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.)

Visit Simple K12’s website to view descriptions of the webinars. Register today, participate tomorrow, and become a better educator that will have students in awe.


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Are you taking advantaged of “URL Shorteners”?


I am always amazed how many people do not take advantage of “URL Shorteners”. A“URL Shortener” is just what it says it is. Users use a “URL shortener” to decrease the length of a long URL. Use to get started today. The steps will be as simple as counting to 3.

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